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πŸ’§10 million kilometres for the environment. 🌍 And it goes on!

Good news from Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility AG: the world’s only series-produced hydrogen trucks have exceeded the 10 million kilometre mark in Switzerland. That’s more than 6,700 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved.

In Switzerland, well-known transport companies and large corporations have been proving for several years that hydrogen mobility in heavy goods transport works and makes sense – all the more so when it is integrated into a complete H2 ecosystem. In Switzerland, this has been a reality for more than four years – with fifty Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cells. Across Europe, there are now over 100 trucks that are proving their worth in everyday transport operations. And it goes on! Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility confirms that the company is expanding its activities in Switzerland and Germany and also extending them to other countries in Europe.