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Hydrogen refuelling

Refuelling station network for hydrogen vehicles.

Hydrogen production in Switzerland

HydroSpider AG is a collaboration between the companies H2 Energy, ALPIQ and Linde. It is responsible for the production of hydrogen and its delivery to the partner refuelling stations. The hydrogen is produced near the ALPIQ hydroelectric power plant in Gösgen and stored in containers with high-pressure tanks. This can be used to supply around 50 trucks or 1700 cars per year. Further expansion of hydrogen production is being planned in line with future demand.

The closed circuit in Switzerland

The production of 100% green hydrogen is possible thanks to the carbon dioxide-free process: in a transformer, the electricity generated from hydropower is reduced to a voltage of 400 volts and converted into direct current. Demineralised drinking water is then split into hydrogen and oxygen using renewable electricity. This hydrogen is compressed to 350 bar using a compressor and pumped into swap bodies. After these are brought to the refuelling station, hydrogen vehicles can be refuelled. As these only emit water, the cycle is closed.

Water cycle

Wasserstoff Kreislauf

Working together for a sustainable future

Hyundai Motor Company and H2Energy, together with the ‘Förderverein H2 Mobilität,’ have laid the foundation for a sustainable fleet of heavy fuel cell trucks in Switzerland. This unique ecosystem has only been made possible through the collaboration of hydrogen producers, filling station operators, transporters, and Hyundai.

With the establishment of Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility Germany GmbH in April 2022, Hyundai Motor Company and H2Energy have once again demonstrated their strong commitment to further decarbonizing road transport in Europe’s largest truck market.

Infrastructure and refuelling stations

Today, there are several providers of hydrogen refuelling station networks. For the Hyundai Xcient with 350 bar tanks, it is crucial to use refuelling stations equipped with 350 bar dispensers for commercial vehicles. These refuelling stations must be certified according to the CEP protocol in order to meet the technical requirements.

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