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Xcient Fuel Cell

The Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell will be delivered to Swiss customers as a 4×2 variant with a total train weight of 36t since October 2020. It has either a dry box or a refrigerated box.
For propulsion, the Xcient Fuel Cell draws the required power from two 95kW fuel cells, which convert hydrogen and oxygen from the ambient air into electrical energy. Fuel cell operation is emission-free – only water vapour is emitted. The engine has an output of 350 kW and the system is supplemented by a 73.2 kWh battery.
The 34.5 kg of hydrogen on board the truck enables a range of approx. 400 km depending on the application.


In the current version, the hydrogen tanks are attached to the body behind the driver’s cab. This results in special requirements for the strength of the front wall of the body, which must be verified and tested by the body manufacturer. With GK Grünfelder, a body manufacturer has been certified for the first trucks. In 2021 additional bodybuilders will be certified and additional variants will then be available, such as tarpaulin bodies.

The body is always included in the mileage allowance of the Pay Per Use model.

Fuel Cell technology

In our fuel cell, hydrogen from green production reacts with oxygen from the air. This produces water, electricity and heat. This electrochemical reaction is also known as “cold combustion” and is particularly efficient. In the first generation of our Xcient Trucks, the Hyundai Nexo’s fuel cells, which have proven themselves many times over, are used. We use two fuel cells in parallel, each with an output of 95kW. Together with the high-voltage battery, we can thus ensure that the truck, when fully loaded with a total weight of 36t, has sufficient drive.